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Submitted on
November 15, 2013


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Now, for some art from our sponsors and the group:

= we come in peace = by dATweet Gray   Gray is such a beautiful color,
It's so underrated, this magnificent color.
Coming in shiny shades, 
Such as a shiny silver and chrome.
   Gray is a color of chaos, 
It's what happens when the good and the bad are mixed together.
They begin forming a slurry,
A slurry of gray. 
Becoming chaos. 
Becoming us. 
   Humans are made of gray, 
We all blend in to create chaos,
Chaos that's made of gray,
Gray that's made of chaos. 
   Gray is an unbiased color,
No matter what's put in it.
Light gray, dark gray, it's still gray. 
Still gray no matter what. 
   It's such a beautiful color. 
Gray is
I M A G I N A T I O N by dATweet A warning of the three flowers   If you're going to be ignorant
If you're going to be blinded by pride
If you're going to think no one will hurt you,
Darling, lets see how well you bloom.
Allow me to demonstrate.
   The flower of ignorance. 
A pretty black hue.
Blooming in the rain,
Blooming in the sun.
Blooming when the light is near,
Blooming when the light is eschew. 
   O flower of ignorance, 
Your roots won't take hold.
For you ignore the soil,
You ignore it's poison. 
You ignore the weeds who choke you out.
You ignore what goes on. 
Ignorance isn't bliss. 
Because then, you won't know when something is poisonous.
And what is evil.
The flower of pride.
Oh your beautiful purple color.
Blooming, blossoming,
Spreading, not eschewing.
Taking over. 
   O flower of pride, 
You will be your greatest downfall. 
Your scent may be alluring to you,
But it drives the bees away when they realize what it is.
You trap the bees, you make them
Classics Remastered: Lulu Fierce by dATweet a curious encounter by dATweet My tongue is not sharpMy tongue is not a sword. 
My tongue is not a knife. 
My tongue is not sharp.
But it does cause a lot of strife.
My tongue is filled with black ink.
Waiting to spill all over the place.
In thick globs,
Your drawings.
Your heart.
And your mind.
My tongue is my pride, I take care of it well.
Exercising it every day, 
All over the thoughts and minds of others.
That's where it drips.
I choose the way it flows out.
Whether its poison, whether its helpful.
Whether or not it's meant to hurt, or meant to decieve.
Whether or not it's meant to help, or meant to critique.
My tongue oozes out black ink, it flows all over your creations.
When I speak of a drawing of yours, the ink flows out.
Whenever I critique, I make it gush. 
So that way, 
You will see what needs to be fixed. 
And I hope you will fix it with the help of my ink. 
My tongue can also poison you.
It's very easy to do. 
When it's poison, it flows out,
Milla Jovovich as Leeloo by LouBoscorelli
Structure by carlo-radin FACES by chestrockwell69

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That's the end of giveaways here. The participation levels were so low it's insane.
Not doing this.
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