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A: A Walkie Talkie
You look as nervous as a turkey in November.
Customer: Hey! This hotdog you sold me is all cornmeal on one side.
Butcher: Well, in times like these, it's hard to make both ends meat.
Newspaper headline: Typhoon rips through cemetery. Hundreds dead.
If Moses had known anyone like you, there'd be an extra Commandment.
Middle age is when a narrow waist and a broad mind change places.
Bob: Hey doc, you gotta help! I'm losin my mind. I can't remember a thing!
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Group Info

This group was made to share your art with the world- to give every artist a chance.

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Everyone is welcome here! This group was made so that we could help share your art with the world.
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Dec 11, 2012


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Take a look at this awesome Youtube Channel!

Here's a link:
Commissions on sale!!

Check it out! I will love to draw something for you! So check out the new prices (on my profile) and of course the rules and Happy Holidays!

Thank you so much for everyone that so far commitioned me it's always a great pleasure and I hope more people will give me that opportunity!

Meerta :heart:
Paypal Stamp by artist4com

Drawing* £5.00/$9.00

Candice by laprasking Marina Bubblegum by laprasking Pharaoh Gets Punched by laprasking

Simple sketch. Price may differ if the commission involves many characters etc.

Inking+Colouring of the above** £1.00/$2.00

Marina Bubblegum COLOUR by laprasking Anabel+Greta Bubblegum COLOUR by laprasking Dawn TFed into a Manaphy by laprasking

An inking and colouring of your commissioned drawing. If you don't select this option, your drawing will not be coloured or inked for at least 12 months. Know me, it would be waaaaaaay longer, so it is best you go with this. You can pay for the colouring and inking at anytime if you don't have a spare £1/$2 at the time.

***NEW***Max 2 characters per drawing. More then 2 characters are £2.50/$6.00 per character.

Also, if you're dying to see one of my drawings coloured ASAP, you can also pay £1/$2 to have it inked and coloured too!

TG/TF Sequences £5.00/$9.00 Per Step

Ash to Flannery TG Sequence 1 by laprasking Ash to Flannery TG Sequence 5 by laprasking Ash to Flannery TG Sequence by laprasking

A sequence of a character changing gender, transforming into something, altering body part, or whatever. As a bonus, I can do both a full sequence pic and each part individually posted. ;) If you'd like, you can pay 1 step at a time if money's an issue.

Paper Child £4.00/$8.50 Per Character

D.O.L Paper Child by laprasking

Mature Content

Ashley Ballerina Paper Child by laprasking
More Previews coming soon.

Paper Children are usually chibis, sometimes normal, anime or videogame characters drawn and coloured on cardboard paper, then cut out to hold and whatnot. Sometimes, you can even be creative and make it look like you're holding their hand or even their skirt. XD

Characters are £4.00/$8.50 each, stuff like objects to go with the characters cost a little extra. I also offer the choice of sending your chibi to you, but you have to pay postage too (£1.50 for anywhere in the UK, £3.50 for everywhere else worldwide.

Large Comics*** £100.00/$200.00

The Cleanser Front Cover by laprasking

Mature Content

The Cleanser Page 9 by laprasking
The Hypno Hornet Page 5 by laprasking

By Large, I mean 10+ pages Under 10 will require discussion via notes. Why so much for 10+? Because the Cleaner took a heck of a lot to do and took a lot of my time! :P

Fanfics £10.00/$16.00

Please note that Fanfic Commissions are CLOSED. However, you can ask for one if you want and IF I like the idea enough, I might accept it.

Nami's Christmas RaidIt was the night before Christmas, and all though the house, not a creature was stering, not even a mouse. Inside a mansion  in a unknown destination on Christmas Eve night, the living room was dark and quiet with decorations set up, except strangely a Christmas Tree was missing. Just then, a small sound of somebody coming down the chimney. Could it be Santa making his rounds, delivering presents to whom ever lives in this mansion? No, it was Nami the Theif, making her entrance in style, for the owner of the mansion would be expecting someone to come down the chimney on Christmas Eve night.
"Oh man." she coughed, with soot all over her body and clothes. "When did this guy have his chimney cleaned last?!?"
Still, all was not lost, the blackness helped her conceal herself in the darkness, so if anyone came down, she would hide somewhere dark.
"Now then, where's the treasure I wonder?"
Nami had heard that this guy was loaded, and treasure snatching was the name of her game. Diam
Lovers of the Eterna ForestIt was a late Friday evening in the Eterna Forest. A young Pokemon Trainer walked through the seemingly empty forest to meet with a dear friend of hers, one who she has feelings for. She deeply regrets not confessing how she felt towards him the last time they met, maybe now she would finally have the chance to do so as he phoned her to arrange a time and place to meet up. He was currently traveling the Sinnoh region with friends to compete in the Sinnoh League, so Anabel had to travel to Eterna City and cut through the forest to get to the meeting point, the Valley Windworks.
Locals from Eterna City had warned Anabel to be careful as Ghost Pokemon tend to roam the forest at night. Anabel did not know this in advance and had only brought her Espeon with her. Psychic Attacks do not effect Ghost types, so this proved quite troublesome for Anabel. Nothing was going to stop her from seeing "him", so she figured as long as she was quick and did not bother the Ghost Pokemon, she would be alr
A Greta LoveA Greta Love
“Are you alright?” asked Scott.
“Yes, I ll be fine.” Replied Anabel “I just need some time to myself.”
“Alright then. I gotta get going myself. See you soon.”
“Bye Scott.”
Scott got into his car and drove off. Anabel meanwhile walked away from the Battle Tower, to the place where she first met “him”. It had hardly been five minutes since he had left with his friends, heading to the Battle Pyramid for the last of the Battle Frontier challenge, but Anabel was already missing him. She had wished she had just said something to him, but she was too shy to say anything to him. Soon, she had reached the small river where they made met. Sitting at the spot where they had sat together with his favourite Pokemon on her lap, she watched the sunset as she continued thinking about him. Anabel looked at her hand, remembering the handshake between them before he had left. Holding her hand with her other hand she quietly w

Text story basically. Don't expect tens of thousands of words though, or there'll be an increase. :P If I get stuck, you might have to help me think of how to get unstuck. lol. XD If you want multible chapters, its £8/$14 per chapter. :P

Reviews £10.00/$16.00

Previews coming eventually.

At some point, I want to start reviewing stuff like games, TV Shows, films, etc. and give my full opinions on the subject in a text document to upload on my gallery, as I feel its something I can do and I think I have opinions and such that would make an interesting read and whatnot. If you wanna see me review something, knock yourself out. ;)

Updated/Improved Existing Art £2.00/$4.00

MOR MKR Hypno UPDATED by laprasking May Cosplaying Dawn UPDATED by laprasking MKR Hypno IMPROVED by laprasking

Wanna see another of my old art you like so much improved a bit? Commission me to do so for £2/$4! ;P Want me to redo one from scratch? Commission me for just £6/$10! XD

200th+30,000: MKR Hypno by laprasking
MKR Hypno IMPROVED by laprasking

Ball Bound Pics £3.00/$7.00 per character (If you want to add a character with an existing Ball Bound pic, it counts as one)

Dawn Ball Bound by laprasking Dawn Ball Bound V2 by laprasking Dawn Ball Bound Hooded by laprasking

With these, I can simply change the hair to any anime/videogame character you wish (Males are an extra £1.00/$1.50), hence why the price is so very low. I can also change the background and colour of the ball to whatever you like plus remove the Rocket R. With the price, you get the choice of 1 gag. If you want extra versions with different gags or a new kind of gag, it's £1.00/$1.50 extra (So £1.00/$1.50 for another version).

The following gags for offer are:
Latex mouth gag
Latex Hood
Taped Gag 1 (Over mouth)
Taped Gag 2 (Like an X)
Added Blindfold (With a gag of your choice)

If you can think of anymore, I can add it to the list. ;)

I can now offer logos/symbols to the front of the ball as well. The Rocket one is free, but the others will cost an extra £1.00/£2.00.

The following logos/symbols for offer are:
Team Rocket (Free)
Team Plasma
Team Galactic
Team Magma
Team Aqua

If you want a new logo/symbol, that also costs £1.00/$2.00 to create.

***NEW*** Standing To Attention Pose

Mature Content

Hypnotized Dawn Standing To Attention by laprasking

Mature Content

Hypnotized Dawn Standing to Attention Alt. PREVIEW by laprasking
  Happy Birthday Jimryu 2013 by laprasking

For just £2.50/$5.50 you can have 1 character of your choice either naked or just in her underwear in this exact pose. If you wish to add clothing, it'll be £4.00/$8.00 for an existing character (I.E One I've already done) or £5.00/£9.00 for a new character.

Stamps £1.00/$2.00 per Stamp

Bat Credit Card Stamp by laprasking DOCTOR ROBOTNIK Stamp by laprasking Lady Palutena Stamp by laprasking

Simple stamp image (Cannot do GIF stamps, sorry). As they do not take long to make, I can have the stamp/stamps done on the same day as payment (Baring no real life issues).

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy 3 Stamp Commissions together, get a 4th stamp absolutely free!

£= Great British Pounds $= US Dollars

Paypal Stamp by artist4com

For payment options, I only take Paypal atm. I ll provide payment e-mail address if I agree to the commission.  If you want to ask me about other payment options PLEASE ASK IN A NOTE.

For Point Commissions, look for the Commission Widgets under my Deviant ID on my main page.

Acceptable Fetishes/Whatever

Transgender, Transformation, Age Regression and Progression, Bondage, Bubble Blowing, Mermaids, Adult Baby (NO SCAT OR PEE), some Furry (Like Krystal, Renamon, etc.), Breast Enlargement, Inflation, Shrinking, GTS, Evil Conversion, Superheroines, mermaids, vampires, robotification, Bimbo TF, Haigure,  etc.

Keep in mind, nude/sexual stuff goes in my blog. Can't see your fav fetish? Just ask. ;P

Neutral Fetishes (Ask First)

Furry (My interest is very limited. I like characters turning into furries and a few exceptions, but do not like anthromorphic Pokemon tbh, unless a character turns into one)
OCs (Drawing them is fine, but writing a fanfic about them would be very difficult for me as I not know or relate to the OC as well as an official character.)

Animes and manga that I like and am knowledgeable of

Pokemon (My main interest)
Yu-Gi-Oh! (The classic with Yugi and friends, not GX, 5Ds, Zewel, whatever, but would consider they if you ask)
Cardcaptor Sakura
Magic Knight Rayearth
Fullmetal Alchemist (Just don't expect me to go into great detail with Alchemy, okay ;P )
Ranma 1/2
Love Hina
Ikki Tousen
Chrono Crusade
Sailor Moon
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Angelic Layer
Fruits Basket
Vampire Doll
Excel Saga
Sonic X
One Piece
Ghost in the Shell
Ah My Goddess
Sakura Wars
Highschool of the Dead
Studio Ghibli

Don't see an anime or manga you like that you wish to commission a pic or fic? Ask me. Will add a videogame list at some point too.

Now, rules.

1. Try to keep the drawing within DA's rules if you want it on my DA gallery. If a mature commission, it will go where my mature drawing are submitted.

2. NOTHING EXTREME. I mean gore, violent stuff, bloody, scat, loli sex,  etc.

3. I have the right to refuse requests if I find the idea too hard to draw or if I am not comfortable with it.

4. I mostly draw Pokemon, most anime and videogame characters. Try stick with a series I m familiar with. If I ve never seen the series or played the game, I won't know the characters and may reject the idea. Sorry.

5. Super Awesome Anabel requests may get a small discount! XD XD XD

6. If I receive many commissions, then the commissions will be closed until I get the current pile out the way.

7. I m a very busy person at times, so you ll have to be patient with me, okay?


Do you do requests?
No, unless I offer them as prizes.

Aww, why not?
"Humankind can not gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's first law of equivalent exchange..." yeah, in other words, I really don't get anything outta it, and I need to dosh.

Do you accept points?
Yes, but ONLY via the Widgets on my profile.

Can we art trade?
Depends on your skill. Most the time, I'll be asking people to art trade.

Right, I think that is everything. If you are unsure about something or want to commission, send me a note. ;)

Interested? Just send a note. =D
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This person added this pic to your group. It is stolen art.
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devoisback Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Photographer
Everyone is welcome here! This group was made so that we could help share your art with the world.
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If you submitted a deviation to the Featured Literature Folder and it 
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Hi everyone :)

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From what I have seen around DA, most affiliations are very passive. The groups don't seem to interact a great deal, and whilst it may not be so common to do this I have decided to drop you a line and say "hi".

Actually I wanted to say more than just that - you have an awesome group and a lovely community. It's a pleasure to be affiliated with you, and I hope that you continue to go from strength to strength. :)

Here's to Art, to life and to those finer things (like chocolate and tea) which make our world a better place!

With lots of love

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soory for this late reply, we're very happy to be affiliated with you as well!
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